Welcome to E.T. Go Smoke!

In case you are looking for the best weed in the galaxy, our cannabis club is the best in the milky way.
If you wanna be part of the most exciting experience on earth, you just have to fill out the form below in order to get an invitation –this is the only way to be part of our circle of friends.

The invitation is INDIVIDUAL, that means you have to fill out the form for every terrestrial friend. It is mandatory to be over 18 when you request the invitation — no human under age can fly on his/her bike, can’t he/she?

Once you have filled out the form you can come to the club. It is a must showing a valid I.D. to prove who you are.

The membership cost is 20€ and gives you the power to be a member of the club for a whole year. We don’t offer discounts of any kind or consider an exception, so please don’t insist unless you are from Uranus.

If you try to show up without an invitation you will probably be rejected. Please follow the instructions.

Have a fun! We just hope you don’t wake up on Mars surrounded by millions of little green guys.

To request an invitation, fill out this form

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